The Painters View
In Writing

It has not been possible for the painter to express all his views on his time just by creating paintings. He has therefore considered it essential also to put down in writing his bearings on problems between humans, science and mankind’s situation in our Universe today. Among these are:

1.  A FIGHT AGAINST TITANS.The painter tells the true story of two outstanding scientists and food researchers, and one outstanding woman, and their fight for improving public health, against destructive official health policy and processed food industry.
The American scientist and medical researcher, Dr. Harvey W. Wiley (1844-1930), former Head of the Bureau of Chemistry, USA, who after research directly on humans, discovered the health hazards of adding different chemicals to food. He created the first American Foods and Drugs Act, and after been signed by President Teddy Roosevelt in June 1906, the law was in effect from January 1, 1907.
The law was intended to protect the people against frauds and hazards from a cynical food industry. But by corruption behind the scenes, hidden from the public eye, his law was destroyed, and instead of protecting people’s health, it was distorted to protect the interests of the food industry. Today processed foods are full of added chemicals. Dr. Wiley had never accepted this.

The painter also tells the true story of the medical pioneer researcher in Switzerland, Dr. Med. Max Bircher-Benner (1867-1939), who at the end of the 1890’s discovered the outstanding effects of raw vegetables on human health. He is called        “The Father of raw vegetable health food”. After he presented his research in 1900, he was harshly mobbed by his colleagues in the Swiss medical association as a man who had “passed the border of science”. But Dr. Bircher-Benner proved by his practise and further research that he was right, and slowly he won more and more professional respect for his ideas and results. Today it is commonly accepted that food based on raw vegetables protects humans against illness, above all chronic diseases and cancer.

The painter finally presents the story of how a Norwegian school teacher, Blanka Bjørgan (1898-1977), after being a victim of wrong medical treatment that nearly killed her, travelled to The Bircher-Benner sanatorium in Switzerland, which saved her life and health. After her return to Norway she established The Norwegian Public Health Association. But due to persistent attacks from official health authorities, her group advanced only slowly.
Nevertheless, under Blanka Bjørgan’s leadership her health group succeeded in stopping the efforts to introduce fluoridation of public water supplies in Norway in the 1950’s and 1960’s, a program continued by other members in decades to come. She started her fight already in 1952, and it was one of the world’s first organized groups to fight fluoridation. Today the principles of Blanka Bjørgan’s health program, based on the research of Dr. Med. Max Bircher-Benner, have triumphed over the orthodox ideas of public food policy earlier established by her official opponents. (Norwegian edition).

2.  THE MASTER FROM NAZARETH (part1, part2, part3), an essay where the painter points to different facts revealing that there is no contradiction between the incarnation of Jesus Christ in mankind and the principle of the creative progress in the universe as this is documented by science. The painter therefore strongly supports the belief that Christ is an incarnation of a mighty hidden Intelligent Energy in the universe. The mission of this incarnation is to help man to overcome the serious instability, and often harmful mental problems, caused by the enormous complexity of the biology of man’s body. The painter refers to the well-acknowledged fact that the more complex an object or situation is - the more risks for serious problems develop. (Norwegian edition).

3.  MARY MAGDALENE, an essay with the painter’s view on an outstanding woman in the history of man. The few lines in the biblical and apocryphal scripts that mention Mary, indicates that she may have contributed extensively to the Christian movement in the critical situation after the death of Christ. It is also suggested that she has been a main source of information for the Gospel according to St. John (Norwegian edition).

4.  ATLANTIS – A CONVULSIVE ENIGMA. An essay written to show how a rather simple story from ancient Greece is blown up by fantasy story-telling to fantastic dimensions beyond any possible facts. The point in Plato’s dialogs Timaios and Kritias (the only source of the Atlantis event) is to tell a boasting story about how a Greek garrison of only 20,000 soldiers won a battle over an enormous army of more than one million (!) foreign intruders attacking Greece more than 3200 years ago. According to Plato, he got this story from the Greek statesman Solon, who had received it from Egyptian priests. A successful fraud where millions through the ages have been fooled to believe that a small army of 20,000 soldiers with weapons made of copper can beat an army of more than 1,200,000 well-equipped soldiers from “Atlantis” (by some fantasy tellers today believed to have had even nuclear weapons(!)). The painter is using this story to demonstrate how small events from ancient times, or from any past for that matter, some with religious offspring, (like the prophet Muhammad’s  plagiarism of the Jewish Torah), by later generation’s “traditions”, “philosophy”, “rituals” and “science” can be blown up to gigantic dimensions com­pletely out of any reason, truth and common sense. This kind of storytelling from ancient times has to a large extent caused the human civilization to be founded on mistakes, illusions, superstitions and lies (Norwegian edition).

5.  FLUORIDES AGAINST TOOTH DECAY – A DANGEROUS MISTAKE. A review of an American invention of how a dangerous poison with an extreme ability to build up critical fluoride deposits in human tissue – (by research in the beginning of the 1940’s proved to be a threat to common health) – suddenly, a few years later, in 1945 were added to the public drinking water and claimed by US health authorities to be absolutely harmless for everybody if used in recommended amounts. No research existed that proved this to be true. In fact the rather few investigations which existed, proved that extremely small amounts of fluorides in drinking water could cause 10-20 percent or more of the population to be slowly poisoned by the added fluorides. This was proved to be true by research by US health authorities, but later hidden behind a smokescreen of lies and manipulations. Many long-term effects in vital human tissues were unknown and not investigated by medical experts. They are still unknown. Research indicates that fluorides are carcinogenic and therefore can cause or promote cancer in large groups of the population. Fluoridation is a dangerous mass medication without any similarity in the history of man, and it makes hundreds of millions people into guinea pigs. (Norwegian edition).

6.  FIVE SHORT STORIES(story1, story2, story3, story4, story5). Some stories about goodness, compassion, friendliness and hope. (Norwegian edition)

7.  THE CATASTROPHE. The painter’s dark vision of the future – and his basic view of an alternative light vision.

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